Pump and Dump Schemes Collide with Twitter

Big Money Mike and his bullish online persona epitomize the modern day pump and dump scheme. About a week ago I stumbled across @BigMoneyMike6 on Twitter. I quietly chuckled to myself reading the ridiculous antics and irrational promises. I assumed Big Money Mike must surely be a well documented scam artist. There is no way his 2 million followers actually buy into his picks. Or as he calls them, “The King Kong Alerts”. A Google search left me thoroughly disappointed. Most links were to his Twitter page or past picks. I found only one website denouncing him as a pump and dump scheme. Seeing an opportunity and also being afraid people might actually buy into his picks, I decided to sign up for Big Money Mike’s email list. I am now a member of #TEAMBILLIONAIRE. The day after signing up, I received one of the poorly written emails I’ve yet read.